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Chery Leigh – Chery Leigh’s 1st time

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Chery Leigh's 1st time

We’ve heard this story before: A babe spends years in unhappy marriages, feeling sexually unfulfilled… extremely not feeling anything sexually at all. Initial Husband No. 1., then Hubby No. TWO, seem to take no interest in satisfying her. And then, the gal breaks free, and it is as if she has become a selection chick.

“I’d never experienced an orgasm till I met my third hubby,” said Chery Leigh, a 55-year-old first-timer from Florida by way of Maryland.

Her ex-husbands didn’t go down on her. “In 20 years, maybe twice.” Then, six years ago, she met her current husband. He went down on her at once.

“And I was looking to push him away because I didn’t understand what to expect, and all of a sudden, he had me having an orgasm within minutes.”

Chery’s not pushing him away anymore. Really, Chery is rarely pushing away anyone. She’s a swinger. She’s had sex with babes. She’s had sex with men she’d just met. She’s been at the center of a gang bang with seven men.

“It’s like somebody turned on the faucet and never turned it off!”

And, now, Chery is having sex on-camera for the First time. Opening her mouth for jizz, too. Before this, she’d never modeled. Never webcammed. She’s a total beginner. Did she ever think she’d do this?

“Not in my wildest dreams,” she said. “But I am enjoying every second of it.”

Chery Leigh's first time

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Laura Layne – Customer service

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Customer service

Laura Layne is a customer service rep who’s exposing additional cleavage. Her breast are nearly out. She’s truly busy. So is her co-worker, Tony. He appears over her shoulder to show her something. From his line of sight, he can see right down her top, plus her long legs in stockings and a garter. For heaven’s sakes, the lady is practically naked at work! Well, not naked. But naked enough to jack to on a bathroom break. If you have a perfect memory.


They’re both hard at work. Tony’s extremely hard at match, and Laura is the reason. He reaches over her shoulder and grabs her hooters. She’s surprised, but she shouldn’t be. He’s doing what therefore much men would would like to do but wouldn’t have the guts to do. Tony…he’s our man!


Before long, Laura is between his legs, sucking his schlong. And, somehow, he manages to keep providing nice customer service whereas Laura’s providing nice oral service.

Then he fucks her on the desk. Then he cums in her mouth. All in a day’s work!


Laura is a 50-year-old housewife from Scottsdale, Arizona, and this is her 1st time at 50PlusMILFs.com. Those breasts you’ve been admiring? DD-cups. She’s 5’7″, which accounts for her long legs, and measures an impressive 40-28-36. We found her on Twitter.

“Social media at its best,” Laura said. “I was flattered.”

Customer service

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Zena Rey – Zena Rey loves nuts (and getting her anal screwed)

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Zena Rey likes balls (and obtaining her ass fucked)

Zena Rey, a 51-year-old swinger from California, is back for more, having packed her busty and shaved cunt into a horny bra and panties set. She tells the dude she’s with, a nerdish 21-year-old in glasses, which she’s attending to point out him “how mature women want to fuck barely legal mens.” He is shocked at her talk of that “big, bulging cock” of his, but he will nothing to stop her.

“I would like to rub my hooters everywhere this body,” she says as she licks him up and down.

Then she will something you don’t check often.

“I would like you to stand up and let me check those nuts,” she tells him.

Sack? Merely the sack? No boner?

Just the sack.

She pulls them out through his shorts and sucks and licks his sack every which way, burying her face in his nutsac, and simply when you assume she’s attending to take his boner out of his pants, she sucks his balls a few any. This is groundbreaking cinema. Such plenty ladies don’t love sack as much as Zena Rey will. Finally, she gets to his boner.

And he gets to her muff. And her butthole.

And that’s how mom girls prefer to fuck…just regarding everyone.

Zena Rey loves nuts (and obtaining her ass fucked)

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Sindee Dix – Sindee needs her anal screwed

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Sindee needs her butt fucked

Fifty-two-year-old Sindee is sitting on a couch, wearing a short skirt. She’s wanting classy and attractive, but the truth is, she’s horny. Levi walks in. She introduces herself. He says, “Are you the Sindee that’s running this function?”

“Yes,” she says. “I simply wished to slip back here and take a few of pressure off. This is my little space back here.”

“Why are you sitting so far away? Are you afraid I am planning to bite you?”


“Why don’t you sit closer, Levi?”

He seems nervous. She seems like she needs something. Cock, maybe?

In her anal, in fact. Yep, Sindee is taking a break from this function for some fucking…ass-fucking, in fact.

Classy? Yep. Horny. Yep. Sexy? Yes. They can all go along.

Sindee wants her ass fucked

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Miss Deb – Big racks, pierced cunt, stinky hole and a creampie, too!

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Big titties, pierced twat, anal hole and a creampie, too!

“I’m excited to be here,” says Miss Deb, a 54-year-old housewife and cougar from Washington who’s back for her second go-round when getting a jizz cum shot in her 50PlusMILFs.com debut. Deb has DDD-cup titties and four giant cunt rings down below, which might surprise those who watch her outwardly conservative look in public.

“Sometimes you just have to open a book and watch what’s in it,” she said.

Miss Deb is a swinger, and her husband is perfectly fine along with her going off to fuck other men. Here, Miss Deb is planning to go off in a huge way.

“I’ve been really enjoying asshole lately,” she said.

And, thus, for her encore, Miss Deb is about to own her anal fucked. 1st, she’s getting to possess her mouth and pussy screwed, then she’s reaching to take a big penis in her booty, then she’s getting to have her beaver fucked again, and deep! And then the guy’s attending to sperm within her camel toe. Yep, stinky hole and a creampie in the same episode.

“I’m starting something new,” Deb told us.

We’re satisfied she invited us together.

Big tits, pierced snatch, asshole and a creampie, too!

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Lorenzia – “Change the light bulb then fuck my beaver!”

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Lorenzia, wearing a short, tight dress, contains a boy over to fix her broken light bulb. He’s up on a ladder, and she reaches up and starts rubbing his breasts, then works her way to his crotch extremely quickly. He’s surprised by what’s going on, but chances are he’s had this happen before with mom girls. These maintenance men, they have all the luck. They yet get to be home alone with horny ladies like Lorenzia.

“Do you need to play with me? Touch my cock?” he says.

She does not answer. She simply proceeds without caution, taking his dick out of his pants and putting it in her mouth. And that’s how Lorenzia’s First fuck at 50PlusMILFs.com begins. It proceeds with her hairy pussy obtaining screwed and ends with her opening her mouth for load.

Lorenzia is a 55-year-old divorcee and cougar of 2 who says the people who grasp her would be stunned to watch her here, sucking and fucking strangers for her pleasure and ours. She’s a nudist but not a swinger. She enjoys going for walks in parks and swimming, and she likes a man who can take charge.

Of course, here, Lorenzia is the one taking charge. And that is fine with united states, too.

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Sally D’Angelo – Sally’s creamed muff

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Sally's creamed cunt

This episode, shot some months ago after Sally D’Angelo was 58 years old, features Sally barely dressed in a small bra and panties. Her hooters are pouring out. The sex speak is pouring out of her mouth, too.

“I’d love you to jizz within this small pussy,” Sally tells her man, who’s Twenty six years younger than her. “Can you fuck me perfect with which great, hard cock? Got a giant cum for me? Put it all up in there. I’d prefer to check it dripping down my legs.”

“You’re so fucking dirty, aren’t you?” her dude says.

“Yeah. I very like a nice, hard, massive boner,” Sally answers.

She sucks his fuckstick deep and has him tea-bag her. Then she fucks and gets screwed in both conceivable position, trying into the cam as if to say, “Aren’t I a dirty, old slut?” Of course, the dude cums deep within her aging, mostly-shaved twat. Her husband, sitting a few feet away, was watching the whole show.

Sally is from Indianapolis and currently lives in Florida. She’s one in all the horniest MILFs we’ve ever met, which is why we brought her back last month to shoot a number of scenes with another of the horniest MILFs we’ve got ever met, Rita Daniels. Rita and Sally have already tugged and giving head for MILFTugs.com, and next week, they are both progressing to suck and fuck for your viewing pleasure.

Imagine the raunchiness that took place. Take this episode (and Rita’s episode last week) and multiply them by 10. You get the plan. But this episode does easily tide you over till then. Enjoy filthy, naughty, fuck-loving Sally.

Sally's creamed cunt

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Summer Sands – Dinner is server. Summer is dessert.

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Dinner is server. Summer is dessert.

Currently how great is this? Summer Sands not only makes dinner for her guy; she feeds him, too. And then she serves up her melons with cream for dessert. And then, to make the evening really memorable, she sucks his cock, fucks him and then opens her mouth for his jizz. This is a dream chick. Summer is one-in-a-million.

She’s moreover the newest lady to make her debut at 50PlusMILFs.com. Summer is a 52-year-old divorcee and mama from Arizona who enjoys watching football, traveling, hiking and shopping. We asked her if the of us she is aware of would be stunned to check her here, and she said, “Most would be stunned as a result of I seem quiet and wholesome.”

“Seem” is the important word here. She’s a nudist and a swinger. She enjoys rough role playing, and her fantasy is to possess 2 dudes without delay, one in her beaver and one in her booty.

“And a fisting session,” she said, putting the cream on her lustful pie.

We asked her if she has sex with younger men, and Summer said, “All the time. Regarding 10 years ago, I thought it was ridiculous till I did it. Now they’re all 20-30 years younger.”
Hey, you do the math.

Dinner is server. Summer is dessert.

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Arjana – A truly Glad Ending

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A Extremely Happy Ending

A recent scientific study found that gal massage therapists over the age of 50 are any likely to offer their clients a satisfied ending than younger massage therapists. In 74% of those instances, the glad ending comes via a blowjob and in a surprising 44.3%, the happy ending comes via a blow job and fuck. The margin of error was plus or minus three-percent.

We’re just making that up. But since you’re additionally likely to induce great sex from a gal over 50 than a lady under 50-and since babes over 50 are hornier than women under 50-it follows which a 50Plus MOTHER is additional likely to reach under the towel and grab your penis than a girl under 50. Got which.

So here we’ve got Arjana, a 53-year-old amateur (born April 12, 1960) from the Czech Republic. She’s not a massage therapist, though she is in these footage, and from the appearance of things, she’s truly superb at it. She has soft hands and a tight pussy. She’s married, and we envy the lucky man and appreciate his generosity in allowing his wife to fuck other men for our viewing pleasure. She’s not a swinger but she is a nudist. And she’s the mother of 3.

“Most folks who grasp me wouldn’t be surprised to see me doing this,” Arjana said. “They grasp I like to do wild things. And i always dress horny in tight dresses, tight T-shirts and short skirts.”

Arjana has never been a porn star, and this is something she’d needed to try for a long time. But although she was willing to suck and fuck a stranger’s boner on-camera, she wouldn’t tell united states her sexual fantasies.

“A babe has to own her secrets,” she said.

Even a lady who fucks on-camera? Guess thus!

A Extremely Satisfied Ending

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Zena Ray – Locked out? Sperm on in!

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Locked out? Sperm on in!

Zena Rey locked herself out of her apartment. Her hubby has the keys, and she’s not aiming to own them back for another hour. What’s a female to do? Well, it turns out which male neighbors can be truly helpful when the damsel in distress is a sexy chick with DD-cup jugs pouring out of her top.

“I very appreciate you letting me hang out until he gets the keys here,” she says to her neighbor.

Zena sees a picture of his gf and asks concerning her.

“She’s just getting intolerable now,” he complains. “She’s too immature and i can’t deal with it no plenty of.”

This is a job for a MOTHER! Says Zena, “I suppose what you very wish is an older girl in your life, one who encompasses a better apprehend on things.”

A know on his fuckstick? Exactly!

“What regarding your husband?” he says.

“Don’t worry about him,” she says. “I’m hot and attractive and i love teen, horny mens like you.”

And away they go!

Zena, a first-timer at 50PlusMILFs.com, is a 51-year-old web camera model from California. She’s married. She’s only 5’1″ tall, therefore she’s short and toned. She’s a swinger and a nudist. And she includes a wild side.

“My fit associates would be stunned to check me here,” Zena said. “My friends wouldn’t. They grasp I have a wild side.”

Zena loves having her toes blowed. She has had sex on top of a desk in an workplace during match hours and within the men’s room of an Oriental restaurant. And she’s into getting ass-fucked. Stay tuned.

Locked out? Sperm on in!

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